Mlle Roam Stroller Bundle | Compact Travel System from birth

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Mlle Roam Travel System - Bundle

Roam Bundle deal - a great value package with all the accessories you need to get you on your way. All you need to do is pick the right car seat for you.

Bundle includes:

1. Roam pushchair - super compact one hand fold
2. Luxury quilted Seat pad & Harness covers
3. Car seat adaptors - see compatibility below (car seat not included)
4. 100% natural cotton blanket

Your perfect partner - whether you are looking for a compact pushchair / travel system, a second pushchair for a small car or a super-compact travel system with car seat compatibility.  Roam is the perfect solution.

Super light: 5.7kg

Super compact: 40cm X 27cm X 56cm

With specific MLLE car seat adaptors* you can turn your pushchair into a complete travel system, allowing you to click your car seat on and off easily.

All our pushchairs are compatible with the all the following infant car seats:

Maxi Cosi - Visit the Maxi Cosi website here.

Cybex - Visit the Cybex website here.

Please note we are not affiliated to the above-mentioned companies and cannot accept responsibility for any of the information provided by them. The above links will take you off our website. Other car seats may fit our pushchairs, but please check with the manufacturer first.

*Adaptors sold separately

All MLLE pushchairs are made with thought, care and consideration to minimise the impact we have on our planet. Each material used in the creation of our pushchairs is carefully considered to maximise the ability to recycle it in the future. Where possible, we also add recycled materials back into our products.

Metals: Did you know that Aluminium is INFINITELY recyclable? This means it can be used over and over again, this is why over 95% of all metals used in a MLLE pushchair are Aluminium (and it's super light weight too)! In fact, all the metals used in our pushchairs can be 100% recycled, which is great for the Planet!

Plastics: We use high grade engineering plastics, which provide us with the strength we need to make MLLE pushchairs last a long time, but it also means that we can recycle 100% of them too - they can be re-processed and added back into future products.

Fabrics: We use a combination of different fabrics which either contain recycled materials in their production, are 100% natural or can be recycled, so they minimise the impact we have.

Refurbish: Where possible, we refurbish any pushchairs that are sent back to us. The more times we can send out a MLLE pushchair, there's less chance that a NEW one is made, lowering our impact over and over again!

Reuse: Where it isn't possible to refurbish a pushchair, we carefully evaluate what can be used again, either as spare parts to keep other pushchairs on the road, or as parts we can use for future Refurbished pushchairs. The aim is to give all parts the longest life possible before we have to recycle them.

Recycling: When a pushchair or parts come to the end of their useful life, we fully strip them down, separating the metals, plastic and fabrics. We then send them off to be fully recycled into future products! How amazing is that?

  • Full lie flat seat
  • Leg rest - adjustable
  • One hand rapid fold
  • One handed steering: easy push
  • Suitable from birth
  • Multi-position recline
  • Bumper bar
  • Easy fold
  • Full suspension
  • Large basket
  • Suitable from birth - Max Weight: 15kg (33lbs)
  • Pushchair weight: 5.7Kg
  • Folded size: 43 x 27 x 56cm



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