Copy of MLLE Pay monthly - Terms and conditions

Welcome to the MLLE family! Terms and conditions can be long and complicated, but unfortunately are necessary to protect all of our family members. To help keep it simple, here is a quick summary so you understand the basics of how this all works (we do need to point out that you need to read the whole agreement to take out our monthly payment plan).

MLLE Monthly Payments: To help Make Little Life Easier, we are introducing a monthly instalment plan, which allows you to simply spread the cost of a MLLE pushchair over 3 months. MLLE’s pay monthly plan contains no hidden charges, additional fees or arrangement costs.

0% Interest: NO interest is charged as part of this agreement.

Our pay monthly plans work by taking the retail price + any available discounts and spreading the cost over 3 equal monthly payments.

You still benefit from all of MLLE’s programs, including the 30 day trial & cash back / trade in options at the end.

MLLE Monthly payments: 

  1. You need a pushchair for your child & have come to us.

  2. You select a pushchair that meets your needs.

  3. We provide you with your selected pushchair .

  4. You pay the first month instalment when you order the pushchair.

  5. Two further payments will be taken the following consecutive months, on same the day/date the original purchase was made.

  6. When you complete your final payment the pushchair and any additional items become yours to keep.

  7. Until all payments are made, the items remain the property of MLLE trading Ltd.

It’s really that simple, we want to make using a pushchair as easy as we can and make your life a little easier, so if you have any questions, please get in touch and we will happily answer them for you:

The Agreement:

When taking out a monthly payment plan with MLLE Trading Ltd (MLLE), the customer agrees to enter into a binding contract between themselves and MLLE Trading Ltd. This agreement sets out the terms of the payment service provided by MLLE Trading Ltd.

Terms of Contract between MLLE & the Customer:

  • will provide a pushchair selected by the customer

  • The pushchair will be as specified on the website

  • fit for purpose

  • and of satisfactory quality

The Customer:
  • will pay the first monthly fee as stated when the order is placed.

  • Is responsible for the pushchair and its security during the payment period

  • Must look after & maintain / clean the pushchair to a serviceable level during the period

  • Must not misuse the pushchair

  • Must make all payments as set out in the schedule

  • At the end of the agreement and upon final payment, MLLE transfers the ownership of our items to the customer.

During the agreement: Over the 3 month payment period, the pushchair and any additional items purchased as part of the transaction remain the property of MLLE, until all payments are made in full. During this time, All items remain the property of MLLE until all payments have been made and during the agreement period, must NOT be resold, passed on or given away. Any breech of these terms and conditions, MLLE reserves the right to recover all property, products & money owed as per this agreement in full by any means necessary, including but not limited to: legal action, including civil, passing asset & debt recovery to 3rdparties.

Should you have any problem with the monthly payments, please contact us immediately to discuss how we can resolve the situation:

Cancelation: MLLE offers a limited 30 day free trial which is in addition to your standard consumer rights, and does not affect these. MLLE reserves the rights to stop this at any time, in which case  standard consumer rights will take effect: The customer may cancel the agreement with 14 days of receipt in accordance with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, as long as the item has not been used, unnecessary handling and includes all parts, packaging and instructions and is in a resalable state. It is the customer responsibility to return the item and should be sent on a signed for service. 

Returns: all returns must be notified to MLLE in writing, all items must be returned to MLLE as included in the original package sent out. 

This is not a credit agreement, our payment plan simply splits the cost of the purchase over a given period. 

Personal data: we keep certain person data such as name, address and contact details during the term of the agreement to allow us to contact you during the period. After this time you can request for us to remove this information from our system.

Payments: All payments are managed via a secure 3rdparty provider, which means we do not keep or store any of your payment details. Our 3rdparty providers are Chargebee & Stripe and are globally recognised and comply to all FCA, SCA & GDPR requirements: for more information please see their websites for full details. 

Agreeing to the terms and conditions: By purchasing items from MLLE Trading Ltd using the monthly payment system, you are entering into a formal agreement to make all payments as shown when you order the product. You are deemed to have read and fully understood the terms and conditions set out here. If you have any questions ahead of making the purchase, please contact the team directly: